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For any traffic study, anywhere in the world!

Traffic Monitoring Made Easy!

Trafflytic is Pakistan’s 1st automated traffic monitoring platform and traffic analytics
solution for any entity that requires general traffic information for any purpose. Trafflytic is designed and developed with the notion to provide ease of use and effective traffic analysis
for our customers; ensuring very high accuracy in less time and lower cost, as compared to the current systems of traffic monitoring.


Use Cases

Traffic Consultants

If you are an organization which deals in traffic studies/surveys for any reason, be it infrastructure planning or feasibility studies, here’s why trafflytic is better than the current methods of traffic monitoring


If you are Brand owner and dealing with Out Of Home (OOH) advertising, here’s how Trafflytic can help your cause

Media Owners

If you are a media owner who has screens or billboards installed anywhere or is looking to install them somewhere, here’s how Trafflytic can help your cause

How We Do It?


Use a camera to record the traffic video at the desired location


System processes the video and obtains the required analysis


Show all generated analytics on the user friendly dashboard

Why Trafflytic?

Accurate Data

Data is the building block to every traffic monitoring project and highly accurate data provides the best foundations. Manual methods for data collection are not practical due to the obvious human error. Automating the entire process has enabled Trafflytic to have an unrivalled accuracy of above 90%

Time Efficiency

The current manual method for conducting traffic surveys involves data collection, data coding and analysis, which requires many days or sometimes even weeks, as all this is done by humans. Trafflytic automates this method entirely and hence reduces the time taken, for a survey, from days/weeks to hours!

Cost Efficiency

Time = Money! Our ability to exponentially reduce the time for a traffic survey means that the cost for a survey is also dramatically reduced! The introduction of technology in traffic monitoring has eliminated the need of human surveyors and hence, completely cut operational costs of manual traffic monitoring

Our Packages

Sit Back And Relax

You just have to tell us your prefered traffic study/survey location and our team will be responsible for conducting the survey and providing you with the results.

Services We Provide
  • Record Video
  • Process Video
  • Analytics

Meet In The Middle

You will provide us with the traffic video you need the results off, and we will provide you with the analytics.

Services We Provide
  • Process Video
  • Analytics

Take Ownership

You get to purchase a license for Trafflytic for a specified time of your choice. We will install our system at your place of work and train the relevant person for its use.

Services We Provide
  • Training
  • Support
  • Maintainence

Frequently Asked Questions

Our current vehicle list includes:
Cars, Bus, Bike, Truck, Rickshaws and Pedestrian

Camera must have a minimum resolution of 720p. Higher resolution results in higher accuracy and vice versa.

Yes, as long as the requirements are met.

Yes, trafflytic is completely automated. Once the video is recorded, the processing and visualisation of analytics is done via automation.

Yes, Trafflytic is a cloud based solution which will be provided on demand. A desktop application version is also available.

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